Invest in Reviving the Bible

Committed Leadership

Miguel and Cristina Nicolaevsky are people committed to the Kingdom of God, living in Israel and serving the Lord for over 20 years. They have 3 children who were born in Israel, were taught in the Word of Adonai and have a life at the Master’s feet. All these years Miguel and Cristina have been witnessing and working for the salvation of the People of Israel. All the knowledge and experience acquired over the years is now being shared with the Brazilian people.

Commitment to the Truth

Our desire is to serve the Lord, without being committed to any synagogue or denomination, our commitment is only to the Lord and his Word. Everything we teach here seeks not to hurt any doctrinal current, but exposes biblical veracity, we motivate readers and students to question and reach their own conclusions. We always teach that it is possible to find men and women who truly serve the Lord anywhere. The problem is not in the environment, but in our interior, as the Master taught us. In the same way, living a life in the standards of the Eternal does not depend on which synagogue or congregation, but on a life at the feet of the Master.

Areas of expertise

First and foremost, we are committed to the witness of Yeshua Hamashiach, the spread of the gospel and discipleship. Through Cafetorah we inform you about what is happening in the State of Israel. We teach traditions, spread practical studies of the Holy Scriptures and exclusive and extensive information about the Holy Land in Portuguese. We offer transculturation courses that include Theology, History, Geography, Feasts and Memorials and many other subjects that can be seen here.

Resources X Investment

Our task to financially support this ministry takes a lot of time and finance resources, without constant financial support, the resources invested in our activities can be very limited. As the brothers invest, more time, energy and resources will be available to our team, more quality materials and services will be available to the general public, their community and educational institutions in Brazil.


Investing in Brazil’s Spiritual Future

Our desire is to be able to offer more and more studies, courses, opportunities and materials that will be a blessing both in Israel and in Brazil. The production of materials, courses and administration of volunteer programs takes a lot of time, dedication and resources, help us by being a financial supporter of this wonderful work of Reviving the Bible Ministry. As funding support for our ministry increases, we will be able to further expand our activities.